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Monday, October 16, 2006

Blood, Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

The world's supply of recoverable oil is fast running out. An energy policy (or the lack of one) that leaves us with no alternative but swilling more oil is suicidally stupid. But where's the leadership? Neither the White House nor the Congress, neither the Republican nor the Democratic party, has a plan for coping with what is clearly a looming disaster. They're not even discussing it!
In a 50 minute video entitled,
OIL, Smoke and Mirrors, you will discover eye-opening facts about Peak Oil (The midpoint of global hydrocarbon production), b/w Richard Heinberg, Julian Darley, Colin Campbell and other experts discussing the ramifications of hydrocarbon depletion and what we should expect as cheap oil comes to an end. New Energy News
Watch Now at Video GOOGLE...

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