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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New World Order & the Occult Technology of Power and Control

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell

Our collective addiction to oil is at the root of at least six fundamental issues that are adversely affecting our nation and indeed, the entire planet:

o corporate-driven globalization,
o global warming,
o poverty,
o war,
o terrorism,
o and the undue influence of money on the political process.

Warren G. Harding, in his Inaugural Address on March 4, 1921, had already recognized the drive for a one world government. But he plainly stated the ideals of the people, and opposed it: "We are ready to associate ourselves with the nations of the world, great and small, for conference, for counsel; to seek the expressed views of world opinion; to recommend a way to approximate disarmament relieve the crushing burdens of military and naval establishments. We elect to participate in suggesting plans for mediation, conciliation, and arbitration, and would gladly join in that expressed conscience of progress, which seeks to clarify and write the laws of international relationship, and establish a world court for the disposition of such justiciable questions as nations are agreed to submit thereto. In expressing aspirations, in seeking practical plans, in translating humanity's new concept of righteousness and justice and its hatred of war into recommended action we are ready most heartily to unite, but every commitment must be made in the exercise of our national sovereignty."Since [America is] freedom impelled, and independence inspired, and nationality exalted, a world supergovernment is contrary to everything we cherish and can have no sanction by our Republic. This is not selfishness, it is sanctity. It is not aloofness, it is security. It is not suspicion of others, it is patriotic adherence to the things which made us what we are." The position of our forefathers regarding any establishment of a world government, and the value they placed on national and individual Freedom is very clear. Today, however, few citizens seem to be clear on much of anything."

The question today is "What is America's destiny?" Are we going to let this super government absorb our country? Are 'we the people' going to allow enemies from without and traitors from within to subjugate us? Are we going to throw away the ideals of our Founding Fathers that made the United States one of the most longed for destinations of oppressed people throughout the world? Has the light in the torch of Freedom gone out? These are grave questions. And the questions must be answered!

New World Order?
The New World Order is a one party state, the whole world under control of one governing body, army and court.
We can see this coming into place today with The United Nations and Nato.
The phrase New World Order has been used by many leaders, in particular George Bush Snr, but the phrase or motto, New World Order goes back a lot further in illuminati history before the times of President Bush.
It appears in latin along with the illuminati symbol, on the U.S. one dollar bill.
Addiction to OIL

o Our dependence on oil is threatening our way of life and endangering our freedoms.
o According to the EPA, nearly half of Americans live in areas where the air is considered too dirty to breathe.
o Drivers pay $186 billion every day for gasoline, while our national average fuel efficiency has gotten worse since the 1970's.



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