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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Energy Crisis in USA - No Plan 'B'

The oil crisis is very, very near. World War III has started. It has already affected every single citizen of the Middle East. Soon, it will spill over to affect every citizen of the world.”- Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, VP of the National Iranian Oil Company

The oil crisis has begun. Last summer’s storm season has exposed the Achilles heel of the U.S. economy, which is dependent on foreign OIL to keep the wheels of industry moving. We have reached what system analysts refer to as a single point of failure. It is the one area that if it breaks down, will bring the entire system down with it. Like it or not the U.S. economy runs on oil—cheap oil—and we are running out of it. Oil powers the U.S. economy in manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture. Without oil, the economy would cease to function. There is no other commodity other than water that can have such an effect on how and what we do. Oil is the lifeblood of the economy.

"With 12 refineries and 21 gas processing plants still out of commission, 90% of our Gulf oil production shut in, 72% of our natural gas production offline, 503 oil platforms destroyed, heavily damaged, or abandoned, energy imports soaring, and a rapid decline in non-OPEC oil production...".

Source: Jim Puplava Financial Sense Storm Watch

Rethinking Energy - The USA is a "crisis driven society" in urgent need of leadership and direction for its future energy needs.

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